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EASY Steps to Success

1. Plan Ahead

The best plan is a well made one. Think of your finish line goal: lose ten pounds, run a 5k, feel sexy in that holiday gown. Your goals are your own and we are here to help you to see the big picture so that you can succeed every day.

2. Prepare Snacks

That afternoon hunger crunch is the real deal, so be sure to prepare delicious snacks and treats to help you turn down that dry breakroom donut or sugar filled soda. Food is energy; always be prepared with high quality energy.

3. Control Cravings

There's a big difference between a bite of chocolate and a pint of ice cream. When you choose more satisfying, healthful options you will be more in tune with what your body really needs. Have a craving? Learn what you're body is really asking for [here].

4. Add Flavor

Healthful, nourishing foods don't have to be flavorless. In fact, when you really dive into making a nutritional change you will find that there are multitudes of delicious and healthy spices, herbs and yes, fats. Learning about healthful oils and vinegars can be a game changer. Discovering new seasonings and spices will take your taste buds to a new dimension. Enjoying the experiment to find what you love will help you reach your goals quickly and happily.

5. Mind Your Fiber

Making sure that your digestive system is processing and passing food is critical to feeling great and maintaining a healthy weight. Be sure that you are getting the right amount of fiber to decrease bloating and other less than great side effects of digestion.

6. Enjoy Desserts

"Stressed" spelled backwards is "desserts" and limiting desserts only creates more stress! The Skinny Fast Mentality is not about limiting yourself, but making better choices while indulging in that piece of chocolate -- no guilt allowed.

7. Keep it Sweet

Sugar is not the only sweetener out there. Maple syrup, honey, stevia, dates, and other naturally derived sweeteners are both affordable and delicious, not to mention supportive of a healthy body and lifestyle. And as an added bonus, a little goes a long way! Cut out the white refined sugar and try other options in your cooking. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much better your treats and coffee taste, and how much better you feel.

8. Build a Buddy System

Big changes are difficult, but having someone to support you makes all the difference. We at Skinny Fast are here to support you along your journey to health and wellness, and it's always great to enlist a close friend or family member as well. This is your journey; who do you want to take along with you?

9. Selfie Time!

One of the scariest things about feeling uncomfortable in your own skin is taking a picture of yourself. But science has proven that taking full-body pictures regularly will not only motivate you to keep working at it, but will also be your reward when you look back after a few weeks and can see the physical changes. Not only will you feel better physically, but you will also feel better about yourself emotionally. Build that confidence, girl. Be brave and take a selfie just for you.

10. Move It

Exercise is critical to building a strong, functioning body. Regular exercise also plays a key role in self-esteem and mental health. If you don't already know, experiment and find what type of exercise lights you up. Running? Kickboxing? Daily walks with your fur baby in the park? Yoga? Whatever speaks to you, do it. And do it regularly. You'll be glad that you did.

11. Hydrate

One of the most underrated and underdiagnosed health problems is dehydration. Drink water and lots of it. Your body is made of nearly 80% water and those fluids need to be refreshed constantly. Buy a cute water bottle. Set goals for how much you will drink every day. Not sure how much you need? Follow [this simple formula] to calculate how much water your body needs. *Spoiler alert: it's more than you think and easier to get than you assume.

This may sound like a lot, but start by choosing 2 or 3 points you want to start with and work your way up from there. Change doesn't happen overnight, but by making smaller choices from one moment to the next. 

Get it! <3